How to prepare your garden for the winter

A good gardener knows he should keep his plants safe throughout the seasons. And winter is probably the season where most mistakes are made. That is why I made this blog post about how to prepare your garden for the winter.

First tip: start early, there is plenty to do : )

Depending on what your garden looks like exactly, the following preparations are in order:

Use guards for your plants and trees

You can place a wire or plastic tree guard around the young plants and trees to protect them from animals et cetera. Make sure your wires or guards are high enough to be able to withstand any snow that may fall during the winter months.

Use the leafs

You could consider cutting up leafs and use them as mulch. Cut leaves are a treat to the soil of your garden. Regardless: you should clean up all the leafs and keep your yard nice and clean.

Always water your plants

You might be afraid that the water freezes and water less or not at all during winter. Don’t do that! Unless it is freezing, keep at it. The freezing dries the soil, so you want the plants to take as much water in, when they still can.

Use fertilizer

Fertilizer will help your plants survive the hardest months. They need it now more than ever.

Keep weeding

you might not want to go outside at all. Let alone to be removing weeds, not the most fun task of gardening, is it? But your plants need all the nutrition they can get during winter, so they don’t need weeds stealing them away : )

Mow your lawn

Cut the top of your lawn so it can best absorb the moisture to be greeny during these hard months.

Buy a decent flashlight

It get dark early in winter, so havnig a premium flashlight available is definitely a good idea.


And with these simple tips you now know how to prepare your garden for the winter. So there’s no excuse to let even a single plant die this year!

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